Rama Jyoti Vernon – Exploring the Yoga Sutras, On and Off the Mat, Verse by Verse.  YOGA SUTRA 6-MONTH SERIES
Second Workshop, 1/26-28/ 2018, Friday 6-8p, Sat/Sun 1-5:30p

Opening discussions will focus on the impact of self-observation and applying sutras to your life. We will journey deeper into the first chapter of the sutras, Samadhi Pada, exploring and practicing the many suggestions Patanjali gives as keys to still and calm the turbulent mind (verses. 1:12-29). There will be discussions on the three main types of students and their varying degrees of understanding and approaches to yoga. This weekend will emphasize the obstacles to yoga, ways to transcend them and how this relates to the spirit in which asana and pranayama are practiced.

(Register for as many as your schedule allows. We encourage attendance at all five, for a comprehensive study of the sutras)

Friday                                                       $20/$35 after 12/27
Entire weekend:                                       $195/$225 after 12/27
Series of 5 weekends: $850
No refunds for cancellations
Dates for Entire Series
2018: 1/26-28, 3/16-18, 5/11-13, 9/14-16, 11/9-11

Exploring the Yoga Sutras – Part 2