Rama Jyoti Vernon – Exploring the Yoga Sutras, On and Off the Mat, Verse by Verse
THIRD WORKSHOP -3/16-18/2018  , Friday 6-8p, Sat/Sun 1-5:30p

Rama and students will begin with discussion of students’ application of the Yoga Sutras in their relationships to daily life and in their yoga practices. This weekend will also focus on the obstacles to the calm mind and further ways to remove them (verses 1:29-41) of the Samadhi Pada. This section will include a brief overview of basic levels of Samadhi as found in Chapter I and how they relate to the third chapter of the sutras, Vibhuti Pada. This workshop offers an introduction to the 2nd chapter of the Sutras, Sadhana Pada, which includes the five painful mind waves that are the reason for our afflictions (mental and physical) in life and how we can transcend them through Astanga Yoga (2nd and 3rd chapters of the Yoga Sutras).

(Register for as many as your schedule allows. We encourage attendance at all six, for a comprehensive study of the sutras)

Friday                                                       $35/55 after 2/26/18
Entire weekend:                                       $195/$225 after 2/26/18
No refunds for cancellations
Dates for Entire Series
2017: 11/10-12
2018: 1/26-28, 3/16-18, 5/11-13, 9/14-16, 11/9-11

Exploring the Yoga Sutras – Part 3