Rama Jyoti Vernon – Exploring the Yoga Sutras, On and Off the Mat, Verse by Verse
FIFTH WORKSHOP – 5/11-13, Friday 6-8p, Sat/Sun 1-5:30p

Rama and students will begin with a discussion and review of the five kleshas and how students are observing their functions in their daily lives and yoga practice and how they might to able to transform them through the practice of Astanga Yoga. This workshop will include an in-depth look at resultant affects of the kleshas as the cause of turbulence in the psyche. This weekend will include illustrations of the wheel of cause and affect, the tree of dharma and karma and how the Yoga Sutras lead us to the realization of why we practice yoga and how we are the architects of our own destiny. Students will be given a Self-Evaluation sheet to be completed for the next and last workshop.

(Register for as many as your schedule allows. We encourage attendance at all six, for a comprehensive study of the sutras)

Friday                                                       $35/55 after 4/11
Entire weekend:                                       $195/$225 after 4/11
No refunds for cancellations
Dates for Entire Series
2017: 9/15-17, 11/10-12
2018: 1/26-28, 3/16-18, 5/11-13, 9/14-16

Exploring the Yoga Sutras – Part 5