Conscious Breathing for Healing by Zach Rehder, Saturday, May 5, 3-5p
Breathwork is a means of inducing an altered state of consciousness through full and connected breathing. An energy charge is created in the body, and as the energy
disperses, it serves to release, or to cleanse blockages, both physical and emotional. Possible experiences include; resolution and release of current problems, unresolved childhood wounds, birth
memories, past life remembrances and stored trauma in the body.

Benefits can include

• Deepen a spiritual connection
• Dissolve stress and anxiety issues
• Release old baggage and dis empowering beliefs
• Increased levels of awareness and intuition
• Heal emotional contributors to physical dis-ease
• Unblock the creative process
• Provide a safe and natural way to experience expanded states of consciousness
• And much more……..

Investment in You – $35 preregister/$40 at the door. Mindful Yoga Members: $30

Conscious Breathing and Healing
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