For the first time in Arizona, Rama Jyoti will lead students through Book III of the Yoga Sutras, based on
her years of study with great masters, and personal insights.
November 9-11, 2018, Friday 6-8 pm, Sat/Sun 1-5:30 pm

This weekend workshop will include a brief review of Book II, and how to incorporate the Yoga Sutras into
actions and interactions in everyday life. Then we will launch into the “rarefied atmosphere” of Book III,
Vibhuti Pada, which is a mystical, exciting segment that transcends the physical material plane to outline
myriad possibilities and supernormal powers that can arise out of the practice of Yoga. Here Patanjali
even gives the means to literally lift above this earth plane to “walk on moonbeams and take to the sky.”
He speaks of powers such as levitation, the cloak of invisibility and the power of manifestation of our
thoughts. It is beyond Harry Potter in its descriptions of various planes of consciousness one may
experience after death, and how one can prepare for this journey by delving into the inner sanctums of

All Students will discover ancient teachings that can transform their lives, through their yoga practice and
interactions in daily life. Yoga Teachers will access deep wisdom that will inform their teachings for a
lifetime. CEUs are offered.

No refunds for cancellations

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