Rama Jyoti Vernon – Exploring the Yoga Sutras, On and Off the Mat, Verse by Verse
SIXTH WORKSHOP – 9/14-16/2018, Friday 6-8p, Sat/Sun 1-5:30p

Students will be asked to share their self-evaluations in dyads and generally discuss their own personal experiences of the Yoga Sutras. There will be an overview of Chapter Three, Vibhuti Pada that includes limbs 6,7,8, on concentration, dharana, meditation, dhyana and samadhi. These three limbs in the Third Chapter are known as Samyama Yoga. There will be Illustrations and practices of these three major limbs and the more esoteric practices that can bring about supernormal powers. Discussion of the outgrowth of deep meditation practices which focus the mind as mapped out in the third chapter of the Yoga Sutras that transcend the normal experiences of the earth plane. Brief discussion of the degrees of self-actualization through varying degrees of samadhi experiences. The series will end with overview of the Chapter Four of the Yoga Sutras known as Kaivalya Pada that includes a general overview of the three gunas, the core cause of the turbulence of our minds that relates to universal cosmology.

(Register for as many as your schedule allows. We encourage attendance at all six, for a comprehensive study of the sutras)

Friday                                                       $35/55 after 8/15
Entire weekend:                                       $195/$225 after 8/15
No refunds for cancellations
Dates for Entire Series
2017: 9/15-17, 11/10-12
2018: 1/26-28, 3/16-18, 5/11-13, 9/14-16

Exploring the Yoga Sutras – Part 6