Overcome Anxiety by Jessica Byron, International Association of Yoga Therapists – Certified Facilitator. Saturday, 9/29, 10/13, 10/27, 2-4:30p. Attend as many as you can.

OVERCOME ANXIETY: 3 sessions-can be attended individually or as a full series (individual sessions are $55, series is $150, includes a manual, and digital recordings of body, breath scans and yoga nidra);  This program is an evidence-informed natural and holistic approach to coping with anxiety. Each session is didactic and experiential.

Session 1, 9/29, 2-4:30p
Cultivating Breath and Body Awareness (This session is recommended for all participants)

  • How the program works: Self-regulation and reprogramming
  • How to initiate your relaxation response
  • Breath and mind connection (Calm breath/Calm mind)
  • Why we want to learn to breathe with our diaphragm again-stress cycle/stress hormones
  • Brief overview of what happens during the anxiety response
  • Introduction to how anxiety disorders are “created”; What are triggers (or activators)
  • Learning mindfulness through breath, body scan, and asana practice; 4 self-regulation tools

Session 2, 10/13, 2-4:30p
Pranayama, Mindfulness and Affirmation Tools for Self-Regulation

  • Review Self-Regulation: more on sensation and control of the body and breath
  • Learn how to regulate the breath-using breath as a self-regulation tool;
  • More options for other self-regulation tools including EFT for thought replacement, brain gym
  • Learning mindfulness through breath and body scan and Asana practice
  • Affirmation practice and thought replacement with positivity
  • Learning about our thoughts and triggers
  • Self-care rituals, Tools to tackle insomnia
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy

Session 3, 10/27, 2-4:30p
Deepening the Practices-Meditation, Mudra, Mantra, Mala and Nutrition

  • More asana, pranayama and meditation techniques
  • Trataka meditation, Sound meditation, Metta meditation
  • Japa mala and mantra
  • Mudra and affirmation
  • Nutritional overview; Ayurvedic tips for Anxiety
  • Acupressure

No refund for cancellation less than 2 days before registered session date. Manuals available for participants that register for entire program.

Overcoming Anxiety
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