Yoga Therapy 50 Hours Certificate By Donna Martens of Inner Vision Yoga at Mindful Yoga Studio.

Develop and practice a therapeutic approach to anatomy, physiology, applied therapeutics and biomechanics with Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy. This training is for yoga teachers and anyone interested in learning more about the body.

Learn about: 

  • Yoga For Arthritis,
  • Yoga For Osteoporosis
  • How to teach Chair Yoga
  • How to assess posture and body reading.
  • How to restore the body including
  • Correcting Muscle Imbalances,
  • Relieving Low Back Pain,
  • Core Stabilization techniques,
  • Restoring Fascial Health & Self-Myofascial Release techniques;
  • Balancing Hips
  • Yoga for Scoliosis

Session 1: Introduction to Yoga Therapy (9/7-9)

  • Building Therapeutic Relationship and Introduction to Yoga Therapy Sessions
  • Applied Biomechanics and Therapeutic Techniques for Lower Body
  • Understanding Foot, Ankle, and Knee
  • Introduction to Body Reading and Postural Adjustments to Facilitate Therapeutic Change

Session 2: Restoring and Revitalizing Fascia, Bones and Joints for Renewed Health (10/5-7)

  • Restoring Fascial Health to Reclaim Body Function
  • Self-Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Healing Therapies for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
  • Restoring Bone Health and Yoga Therapy to Reverse Osteoporosis
  • Restoring Joint Health and Functional Range of Motion
  • Yoga Therapy for Arthritis
  • Yoga for Healthy Aging and Yoga For Seniors
  • Chair Yoga Teacher Training

Session 3: Balancing the Hips, Core Stabilization and Rehabilitating Low Back Pain (11/2-4)

  • Anatomy and Applied Biomechanics of the Hips
  • Key Muscle Assessments and Rehabilitation of Normal Hip Function
  • Rehabilitating SI Joint, Hip Labrum, and Low Back Pain
  • Introduction to Core Stabilization

About The Instructor:  Donna DiNunzio Martens (500 E-RYT) fell in love with and has been a student of yoga since 2003.  She co-founded and co-directs the HEY (Healing Emphasis Yoga) Therapy Master training program at Inner Vision, is Yoga Alliance registered (500 e-RYT) and is a 500-hour Master certified yoga instructor with over 800 hours of training.  She is also a certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) who specializes in private and group therapeutic yoga including Yoga Nidra, Trauma and Stress Release and Rehabilitative Yoga to support physical therapy and recovery from dis-ease and injury.

Early Registration: $780/After 8/1: $935
Single Weekend $315/ After 8/1 first session, 9/1 second session, 10/1 third session: $330

Session 1: September 7-9
Session 2: October 5-7
Session 3: November 2-4

Friday 4:00 -9:00p
Saturday 12:0​0 – 6:00p
Sunday 12:30 -5:30p

Yoga Therapy Training