Tension and Stress Release Workshop By Becky Thomas
Sunday, 3/10/19, from 2:00-4:00 pm

Our bodies can store lots of stress, tension, fear, and unhealed emotional and physical traumas.  The psoas muscle is one of the most important muscles in the body, but is also one of the least understood.  Your psoas muscles, one on each side, are the deepest muscles in your core.  They attach on each side of your low back, run through your pelvis and attach to the femur bones.  They are the only muscles that connect your spine to your legs.  Your psoas muscles are constantly responding to your breath and your emotions.  When you are tense or stressed or startled, your psoas muscles contract, pushing the body into flight, fight or freeze status.  When the psoas contracts, it can be felt as pain in the knees, low back and hips or exhaustion.  This workshop will use yoga poses to assist the body to release muscular patterns of stress and tension.  We will then allow the body to gently vibrate, move or shake to allow the psoas muscles to relax and the nervous system to calm down.  We will end our session with a short guided yoga nidra. You will leave this workshop refreshed and rested and you will have an important self-care tool that you can use on your own at home.

$25/$20 members/$30 after 3/3/19

Tension & Stress Release
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