Have aches and pains?
Interested in exploring ways to support your body?
  • Learn basic anatomy about the shoulders, spine, pelvis & hips,
    common injuries and ways to rehab them.
  • This workshop is 30 minute lecture on the topic followed by 1 hour of yoga practice.
Sunday, 12/15 – Hips & Pelvis
Sunday, 1/12 –   Spine
Join us for all workshops or as many as you’d like.  * No refunds for cancellations.
All Students $35 after the 5th of each month. (Rate per workshop)

Yoga for Hips and Pelvis

Disclaimer: This workshop is intended for educational purposes. If you have an acute injuries or chronic pain, please see your primary care physician for evaluation. This workshop does not serve as a substitute for medical care. Always listen to your body when it comes to practicing yoga.