Everyday Life Series with Becky Thomas, E-RYT 500
Want to start incorporating some healthy habits into your everyday life? Looking to eat better and explore clean eating? Need to center yourself or establish a simple meditation practice? Want to learn some simple and effective everyday yoga postures to keep you flexible, healthy and strong? Then this is the series for you! Join Becky Thomas for this 3-part series for an amazing everyday life. These sessions will help you learn, experience, practice and walk away with a personal program to increase your vitality and wellness and peace of mind.

Three part series. Attend one, two or all three.
$30 per individual session
$75 for all three sessions
$60 for all three sessions if registered & paid before 1/27/19

Everyday Life 3-Part Series

Healthy Habits and Clean Eating for Everyday Life
Sunday, 2/3/19, 1:00-2:30pm
There are healthy habits and routines that can be incorporated into your everyday life that will increase your health, wellness and outlook. Simple lifestyle choices done regularly are more beneficial that complex things done sporadically. Explore clean eating guidelines, ketogenic conscious eating plans and intermittent fasting options for a healthy and fit life. During this session we will learn how to choose the healthy habits and eating plans that fit our needs and our everyday life.

Healthy Habits and Clean Eating

Meditation and Centering for Everyday Life
Sunday, 2/10/19, 1:00-2:30pm
Are you trying to become more centered, focused and calm? Would you like to establish a simple meditation practice or fine tune an existing practice? During this session we will learn about affirmations, mantras and mudras to help you become and stay centered through life’s ups and downs. We will learn simple techniques for a mindful meditation practice that can easily be fit into your everyday life. This session works on the “interior landscape” of everyday life for a sense of peace and pause.

Meditation and Centering

Simple and Effective Yoga for Everyday Life
Sunday, 2/24/19, 1:00-2:30pm
Practicing a little bit of yoga every day is much more valuable than practicing yoga once or twice a week. This session will introduce simple and effective yoga postures for your everyday life. During this session we will cover yoga stretches and postures for common areas of the body such as shoulders, hips, low back and core. Working these areas of the body daily will help alleviate aches and pains, maintain flexibility and can help you feel younger. Establishing a short and easy to follow everyday yoga routine will benefit your body and your mind in a multitude of ways.

Simple and Effective Yoga