Yoga Nidra, the subtle and powerful state of “conscious sleep,” is a guided meditation practiced in savasana, allowing you to relax the senses, intellect and body while maintaining conscious awareness. Yoga Nidra fosters peace, calm, and tranquility, reduces tension, fatigue and stress, and rejuvenates the brain. The practice begins with settling into the posture, relaxation, attention to the breath and body, and moves through various methods of visualization and awareness before returning to a wakeful state. Yoga Nidra is a practice for everyone and every time you come to the practice, you’ll encounter a new experience. It is important to be warm and comfortable for the practice. Please have a comfortable, quiet place to lie down*, a bolster or pillow to prop the knees, a thin blanket for under the head, a blanket to cover you, socks, and a covering for the eyes.

*Yoga Nidra is typically practiced lying on the back in savasana, but can be practiced resting in any comfortable position or seated.

Yoga Nidra by Anne Lunquist
4th Tuesday every month, 6:00p-7:00p
$10 per student/$20 per family (use link below to register. You’ll receive a link to the class via email)
*This class is not included in monthly memberships.

Yoga Nidra

Anne E. Lundquist, RYT-200, teaches yin and restorative yoga and yoga nidra. She has her certification in Purna Yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation. She is a white, cis, third-generation-educated yogi, poet and higher education scholar writing and presenting on equity and student success. Anne ascribes to the words of Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams that “a moment of stillness is a radical act in a world that deifies busy-ness.”