Explore the Deeper Ramifications of Mindfulness With Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio Teacher & Author of Mindfulness Yoga
Sunday, Jan. 27, 4:30p-5:30p
This event Is FREE. Please register in advance via email mindfulyogatucson@gmail.com or register at the studio

Mindfulness has become a “buzz word” in popular culture, with much misunderstanding and misinformation about what the Buddha meant by “sati,” the word translated as mindfulness. Frank Jude explores the deeper ramifications of samyak sati: skillful or appropriate mindfulness. A fuller understanding of mindfulness practice can create a deeper and broader human experience.

About Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio
Yoga Teacher and Dharma Teacher, ordained by Korean Zen Master Samu Sunim, Frank Jude has a post-graduate diploma in Buddhist Studies from the University of Sunderland. His book, Mindfulness Yoga: The Awakened Union of Breath, Body, and Mind, is the first to apply the Buddha’s mindfulness meditation teachings (satipatthana) to asana practice.