New Year’s Ayurvedic Detox “New Years- Tridoshic- Easy- At Home-Detox Cleanse”
by Tanja Burngardt-Price, Saturday, January 4th, 2-4p

Over the holiday season, toxins can build up in the body. They find their way into us through foods, the air, water, chemicals, GMOs, pollution, preservatives and emotional stress.
Our own digestive fire, called agni in Ayurveda, also plays a role. Overeating during the holidays, and overall poor eating habits, can dampen agni and lead to a build-up of ama – which results in sluggishness, extra pounds, poor sleep or worse. Pressure from work, family and financial concerns may also build up and bog you down physically and mentally.

In this detox you will not only lose extra weight but also ama (toxins). The build-up of ama, or undigested material, ends up stored in our cells, circulatory and microcirculatory channels, slowing everything down and gumming everything up, including the digestion and elimination processes. The Ayurvedic solution is this: given an opportunity, the body will detox naturally – it’s built to do that.

$20/$25 All Students After 1/1.   * No refunds for cancellations.

Detox Cleanse