The Gut and Visceral Detoxification by Michael Shea PhD & Sheila Shea M.A.
A Two-Part Training Series
PART 1 January 17–19, 2020 (PART 2 March 13–15, 2020 The Gut and Pelvic Floor)

For All Licensed Manual Therapists & Health Care Practitioners
NCBTMB-Approved Total 38 CE • TUCSON, ARIZONA 2020

These new courses are designed for understanding and treating Metabolic Syndrome. 88% of Americans are metabolically
unhealthy. In this first class we detail how proteins and enzymes function in the digestive process.
This includes information on micronutrients and oxidative stress. The specific anatomy and cardiovascular pathways
of the liver, pancreas, mesentery, interstitium and the portal vein system will be detailed based on
new research. Palpation skills apply Craniosacral Therapy, abdominal massage and Chi Nei Tsang to these structures
and especially the arteries and veins associated with them in the gut.

Skills are taught regarding the process of detoxification of these essential organs involved in Metabolic Syndrome. Specific information on detoxification pathways as
co-regulated genetically will be presented. The role of inflammation is detailed.
• Learn new gut-centered
manual therapy
• Understand the
symptoms of Metabolic
• Learn to contact the
endocrine system in the
• Learn the sources of
inflammation in the body

The information that Sheila and Michael are presenting in these courses is a totally new understanding of the human body
focused on the gut. The gut is the co-regulator of our health and well-being. All members of the manual therapeutic arts are
welcome. Sheila and Michael are sister and brother. They are licensed massage therapists since 1975. Together they have
86 years of clinical and teaching experience. Sheila is an expert in colon hydrotherapy, the structure and function of the
intestines, and is a Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GAPS). Michael is an expert in craniosacral therapy,
fascial and visceral manipulation. He is the author of six books in these fields published by North Atlantic Books. Sheila and
Michael also share over an 86 year practice in yoga and meditation. Sheila is an accomplished tennis player and Michael is an
accomplished mango grower. We look forward to seeing you in these classes. For more information about them visit our websites: and

$595 for both courses. Courses may not be taken separately.
Full course fee is due upon registration. No early bird registrations
are available.

Cancellation Policy:
$500 if cancelled before December 15, 2019. A $95 processing fee
is not refunded.  NCBTMB-Approved Total 38 CE for Massage Therapists
The Conference Center at Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation
3182 N Swan Road, Tucson AZ 85712

Call to Register: Lisa Fay 561-775-9912, M-Th 9 am-4 pm EDT (Let them know you were referred by Mindful Yoga Studio)
Call to Register: Sheila Shea 520-325-9686 in Tucson, AZ (Let them know you were referred by Mindful Yoga Studio)