A Two Part Training Series w/ Michael Shea and Sheila Shea
For All Licensed Manual Therapists & Health Care Practitioners, NCBTMB Approved Total 38 CE

The Gut-Brain Connection – The Vagus Nerve – PART 1 January 18–20, 2019
This course deepens the practitioner’s work with autonomic nervous system (ANS) connections between the gut and
the brain. New research is presented on the structure and function of the Vagus nerve above and below the respiratory diaphragm. Students learn important manual skills to balance this connection via
Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) massage and craniosacral therapy techniques. Included in this class is contact with the Vagus nerve, abdominal aorta, coeliac plexus, superior mesenteric plexus and inferior mesenteric plexus to balance the gut-brain connection. Exercises to improve vagal tone are taught. Distinctions are made between the gut-brain
metabolic pathways of the immune and endocrine systems. Students deepen their understanding of Metabolic Syndrome; how it originates in the gut via lifestyle and inherited traits. Metabolic Syndrome is a worldwide pandemic and students are informed of causation and solution. This includes new research information on the structure and function of the gut and related viscera. Techniques and protocols are demonstrated to immediately integrate into clinical practice.
• Learn the signaling system of the Vagus nerve between the gut and brain
• Learn new skills of Eastern massage techniques and craniosacral therapy
• Understand the role of the immune and endocrine systems in the gut
• Begin to palpate the body metabolically and improve vagal tone.

The Gut-Heart Connection – Health of the Gut Microbiome – PART 2 March 15–17, 2019
This class is about the deep vascular structures of the abdomen and pelvis. We explore the development of
Metabolic Syndrome and new information on the musculo-skeletal and cardiovascular systems
of the gut and related viscera. Of special interest is the role of inflammation and the gut microbiome
on the health of the entire body especially the liver and heart via the vascular endothelium. Students will
learn specific explorations to contact the arteries, mesentery and liver for balancing the gut.
The manual therapy being taught is a balance of Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) massage
and craniosacral therapy. Contact with acupressure points are blended with contact on cardiovascular
and fascial structures. Included is information on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and how to improve
it as it relates to optimal health via the vagus nerve from the first class (Part1). This class examines
specific conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome such as obesity, eating disorders and
autoimmune disorders, so that the student is more clinically effective with such clients.
Techniques and protocols are demonstrated to immediately integrate into a clinical hands-on practice.
• Learn about the new metabolism of the gut and cardiovascular system.
• Explore the deeper structure of the epithelium of the gut and endothelium of the arteries
• Learn to balance the gut microbiome
• Learn how to help inflammatory conditions in the gut

ABOUT THE TEACHERS: The information that we are presenting in these courses is a totally new understanding
of the human body focused on the gut. The gut is the co-regulator of our health and well-being. All members
of the manual therapeutic arts are welcome. We are sister and brother. We are licensed massage therapists since
1975. Together we have 86 years of clinical and teaching experience. Sheila is an expert in colon hydrotherapy, the
structure and function of the intestines, and is a Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GAPS). Michael
is an expert in craniosacral therapy, fascial and visceral manipulation and is the author of six books in these fields
published by North Atlantic Books. We also share over an 86 year practice in yoga and meditation.

Dates: January 18–20 and March 15–17, 2019
Cost: $595 for both courses
Location: Sheraton, 5151 East Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ 85712
Courses may not be taken separately. Full course fee is due upon registration. No early bird registrations are available. Cancellation Policy: $500 if cancelled before December 15, 2018. A $95 processing fee is not refunded.
NCBTMB-Approved Total 38 CE for Massage Therapists

Sheila Shea 520-325-9686 in Tucson, AZ