Restorative yoga is an antidote to the busy life in fast forward mode. Restorative yoga is a gentle sweet soothing practice yet very effective practice. It is a very potent tool for reducing stress and releasing tension. Class will include restorative yoga poses (asanas) & breathing practices (pranayama) designed to cultivate mind-body awareness, emotional equanimity & physical ease. We will end with Yoga Nidra a form of meditation. This class is being offered in-studio to 8 students.

Using blankets and props to comfortably hold and support the body in passively held poses, we’ll put our concerns, activities and to-do lists to one side for a while so that the mind and body can fully drop into deep relaxation, and possibly regulate the nervous system.

Leave feeling spacious in both mind & body. Beginner friendly – All levels welcome!

Restorative Reset w/ Shraddha Hilda
Friday, Aug 19, 1-3p
127 N. 2nd Avenue
$40-$50 Sliding scale offered to support you and the studio. Register in advance. Class limited to 10 students.
To register go to class schedule
No refunds for cancellations after 7/15. No refunds for no shows.
This class is only being offered in studio.
We kindly request you wear a mask.