Daily Ayurvedic Routines (Dinacharyas) for Yogis and Non-Yogis
By Tanja Bungardt-Price, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Saturday, 6/29, 1-3p

Learn how to stay happy, healthy and Ama (toxin) free with these daily ayurvedic routines. Anything from oil pulling to the correct way of doing ayurvedic self-massages (abhyangas).

The Ayurveda practice of dinacharya, or “law of nature,” consists of daily self-care routines, which provide structure for instilling balance and establishing cohesiveness in body, mind and spirit.  It is based on the philosophy that human beings run on a biological clock dictated by the patterns of the sun and the moon; different times of day adhere to different types of energy.

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Ayurvedic Routines
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