The Path to Meditation:  Concentration to Insight by Poep Sa Frank Jude
All forms of meditation utilize the two faculties of concentration and mindfulness. Depending upon which is emphasized, the meditation will require specific mental orientations and lead to different outcomes. Through this series of experiential lectures you will have the opportunity to explore several of the more popular concentration (shamatha) and insight (vipassana) forms of meditation.

*This offering is part of the Mindful Yoga Teacher Training/ Self Development Program and it is being offered to the public on a space available basis. Training is for yoga instructors and anyone interested in learning more about this topic.

Friday,         July 10th              6-7:15p
Saturday,    August 1st         12-1:15p
Sunday,      August 23rd         4-5:15p

$45 entire series. After 6/1 $55 entire series
$18 per session

Path to Meditation