Community Craniosacral Clinic At Mindful Yoga Studio
Second Saturday of every month, 1:00-3:00p (spots are limited)
Cost of Wellness: $35/30 minutes

Craniosacral Therapy: is a gentle bodywork modality that focuses on the healthy flow of cerebral spinal fluid in and around our brain and spinal cord, but more importantly, addresses ALL of the fluid systems of the body AND consciousness as a WHOLE.

There is new evidence that supports the understanding that a function of cerebral spinal fluid is elimination of waste, or cleansing of the brain. Craniosacral therapy also promotes vascular flow in and out of the cranium and encourages a deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system.

In a typical session, the client lies quietly, fully clothed, while the practitioner makes light contact at selected points around the head, torso, knees, and feet.

Relax: One of the most common feelings after receiving Cranio-sacral therapy is feeling relaxed. This is important in balancing our nervous system from a stress state to a relaxed state.

Contact: Shraddha, Certified Craniosacral Therapist at  or (520) 661-8006.

Community Craniosacral Clinic