Mindful Yoga Studio is proud to support the YWCA of Southern Arizona and Finding Self, Finding Love by Reina Prado.
June 27th, 11a via Zoom

Reina helps participants connect to their truer self and experience a deeper radical transformation from limiting beliefs and patterned actions. By the end of the workshop, participants will learn to access their wellness of being through an understanding of the four core values – Security, Wholeness, Worthiness, and Love. Participants will unwind a limiting belief by healing at the source of the moment that rooted belief, craft their own mantras, and learn to use meditation to experience more presence. There will be guided prompts and meditations. We’ll also be working with essential oils and crystals.

The workshop ends with a collective spontaneous transformation. Time: 2 hours Cost: $25-40 per person sliding scale. Register via link below.



Reina Prado (she/they), founder of Healing Queen, is a Xicana feminista that brings a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach to the various modalities and protocols they engage in their wellness practice. Their practice incorporates traditions from her maternal line who were Curanderas, Mid-wives, and Herbalists. Each session helps a client re-align to their heart space sourcing their wellness of being. Afterwards, a client can feel more connected to their truer self trusting their life path and doing projects that connect with their soul. The longer they work together, the client learns to discern what is in right alignment with their spirit, and have the confidence to move forward releasing what is no longer in service to their higher self. Prado has also created the podcast Activating Divine Love and leads workshops and vibrational healing circles at her studio in Pasadena. Prado is certified as a ICSU (Integrative Cranial Sacral Unwinding) and RPP (Registered Polarity) Practitioner through the Life Energy Institute, as well as a certified Yoga instructor.