Understanding & Teaching Yin Yoga with Michelle Marks
May 15-17, 2020
*Yin Yoga uses long-held postures that support us in accessing the deeper, more Yin parts of ourselves.

This training is designed for both Yoga teachers who are looking to understand and integrate the Yin Yoga practice into their teaching and for students who simply want to dive deeper into this quiet practice.  (11CEUs for yoga teachers)

In this training, we will look at how this practice can affect and enliven the physical, energetic and emotional bodies. Through this understanding we willexplore ways to lead a Yin class and to incorporate Yin shapes and philosophyinto various practices.

-What is Yin Yoga/vs Yang Yoga
-Why Practice Yin Yoga-How to Practice Yin Yoga
-How to Teach/Incorporate Yin Shapes
-15+ Yin Shapes (variations/cues)-Overview of the Nervous System
-Living within the Physical/Accessing the Subtle Body and Yin Yoga’s Influence
-Introduction to Meridian Theory/TCM
-Where to go from here

Friday       6-8p
Saturday  12:00-6:00p
Sunday     1:30-5:30p $195/$250 After 5/1

Understanding & Teaching Yin Yoga

**This offering is part of the Mindful Yoga Teacher Training/ Self Development Program and it is being offered to the public on a space available basis.