New Moon Virtual gathering w/ Michelle Marks
Friday, October 16th 6:30-8:30pm

This event is open to any friend that is wanting an offering of deep nourishment and connecting to their more fluid and feminine essence. Remembering we are part of a larger collective in the multitudinous realms is an inspiration of our coming together.

There has been an absence of the sacred and necessary balm of togetherness with awareness and presence for the support of the many. This offering is one of rejuvenation and embodiment through sound, slow and flowing movement practice, and gentle inquiry to reconnect us to receptivity, and sensuality.  With the gift of a new moon, a new lunar cycle, and opportunity for new beginnings and fertility we look forward to communing in an intentional way.

Please come with as much openness as possible, and be as comfortable as you can be in your space. Have props for support of all kinds (pillows, bolsters, blocks, candles, water/tea). All are welcome.

To Register go to the class schedule at and click onto 10/16.
$20/$30 Day of Event