A Tucson Yoga Studio
A mindful approach for yoga
at all levels

738 N. 5TH AVE.


Gentle Yoga
An easy-paced class with an emphasis on gentle movement, sweet stretches, breathing and relaxation. This class is best  for students who seek a quiet, relaxing yoga practice with an emphasis on mindfulness. Also excellent for those who are inflexible or recovering from illness or injury.

Happy Back
Students are introduced to movements and poses that encourage improved postural alignment and freedom from pain. This class is for those wishing to prevent and alleviate back and neck problems. A gentle practice suitable for new students and students of all levels regardless of back issues.

Hatha All Levels This class combines breathwork (pranayama) with a variety of physical postures (asanas) and deep relaxation (savasana).  Postures in class will be adapted according to your experience and body’s capacity. Strong beginners welcome. Variations will be offered so all students can enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Mindfulness Yoga
Practice mindfulness on the mat with contemplative Buddhist teachings to guide your flow. Recommended for beginning to advanced students interested in the deeper wisdeom teachings.

Restore, renew, reconnect with simple meditation and breathing exercises that lead to inner calm and peace.

Restorative Yoga
Give yourself the gift of relaxation. In this class the body is supported in postures that are held for a longer period of time, using the support of props (blankets, blocks and bolsters) to feel at ease and find comfort in each pose. It is a softer practice designed to bring the body – muscles, joints, vital organs – back into its natural balance and state of grace. This is a relaxing, rejuvenating class open to all yogis.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga exercises the bones, lubricates the joints and deeply stretches the body’s connective tissue, especially in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes and all poses are seated or reclined.  Great for cyclists, runners or anyone with extra tight muscles or need some extra help with reducing stress or anxiety.  Suitable for all levels.