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Mindful Yoga (MY) Teacher Mentor Program
With Shraddha

Why Mentoring for Yoga Teachers?

Mentors have helped light the path of my life, from a fifth-grade teacher who encouraged my hunger for reading to a supervisor who insisted I go to college. Included in the last two decades have been master yoga teachers who advised and nudged me every step of the way, both with formal trainings and informal conversations. The guidance I got from all my mentors has made a big difference for me, and now I am committed to the same for you.

The first time I taught a yoga class, more than 15 years ago, I was full of self-doubt, wasn’t sure my yoga sequence was appropriate and felt a bit nauseated. I was uncomfortable in my skin although I was about to ask my students to be comfortable in theirs. I was going to teach without feeling present and grounded.

That is why I am offering a one-on-one mentorship program: to provide context, empathy and the support you will need to keep you inspired while on this precious journey. The MY Mentorship Program is designed to meet you where you are.

Why Enlist Shraddha As My Mentor?

As co-director of the 200-Hour Mindful Yoga Teacher Training Program and founder in 2012 of Mindful Yoga Studio, I have had the privilege of working with numerous yoga teachers, from the most experienced to the youngest and newest to the practice. Guiding and, yes, mentoring many of them has given me the experience to help them and other teachers become grounded, present and confident with their students.

What Does the MY Teacher Mentor Program Entail?

You will work one-on-one with me. The Program is designed for those who have completed at least a 200-hour certification in yoga teaching. For those who want to learn to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with teaching, I will provide one-on-one support to help you reach your individual teaching goals.

The Program is flexible and designed to suit each participant’s specific needs. We will work out a customized schedule.

Topics covered: Developing your voice as a teacher; creating your teaching goals and finding your niche; providing feedback on your development; expanding knowledge of the asanas, teaching skills and emotional intelligence; how to sequence and develop a class; other topics suited to you as an individual.

The breadth of lessons that come with the personal attention of someone further along the path is priceless. I know that from having experienced my own mentors’ guidance.

Are You Ready To Live Your Dreams and Take Your Teaching to Another Level?

Contact Shraddha at Mindfulyogatucson@gmail.com





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